Photos from Our Neighbors

When we put together this site, we added a page for Camp Florida Beauty and hoped that we would get lots of photos of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Well, we have started to get some photos, and they are amazing! The only problem is, our website pages don’t notify our followers when there are new photos. So, we have created this blog, and we encourage everyone to follow it so they can be notified when we post new photos taken by our friends and neighbors.

These beautiful photos below were taken by Tom Scott, who graciously gave his permission for us to share them here!

Easter Lily Cactus photos courtesy of Sue Govelitz and Diane Sprague.

Firespike, or Firebush, is a wildflower native to Florida, and a favorite of Hummingbirds. Take care, though…as beautiful as they are, they are poisonous to dogs–so make sure your furry friends don’t eat any part of these beautiful shrubs. This photo was taken at the request of one of our neighbors!
Swallow-tailed Kite – photo courtesy of Jim Holmes
Our resident bobcat in the “light of day” – Photo courtesy of Jim Holmes

We have also received a new photo today that is of a different kind of Camp Florida beauty! It’s a photo of the group that showed up to play Pickleball this morning (January 27, 2022)! Dave Shoemaker says this is a great game growing in popularity with retirees!

Another beautiful photo from Jeff Furash–The full moon over the lake on the night of January 17!
Another great photo from Jeff Furash. This one was taken on January 13 when both he and one of the eagles watched the Spacex launch!
This amazing photo taken by Jeff Furash just has to take center stage today! He captured the incredible beauty of Liberty (the female Bald Eagle) in flight over the lake. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff!

Here are some beautiful sunset photos taken on Grassy Lake by Dave Shoemaker!

Another beautiful sunset photo–this one taken at the gate by Jeanine Bieber Keenan.