Spooky and Spectacular

On the evening of October 29th our Club House was transformed in to a spooky and spectacular haunted house! There was a chill in the air and the spirits were alive and well. The decorations were fantastic and the comradery was welcomed by all. It was so nice to be able to gather and enjoy the evening visiting with our Camp Florida friends. We had special guests join us, even the Wizard of Oz cast. Enjoy the attached photos of many of our residents and even our “out of this world” guests.

Hurricane Ian “Thank You” and “Survival” Breakfast

Sunday morning, many of our neighbors gathered together to thank each other for their help with clean-up efforts after Hurricane Ian. They also thanked Ian for not wreaking more havoc here as he had in so many other places. We were very fortunate overall. And, they celebrated the fact that they (and Camp Florida) survived that horrendous storm!