Camp Florida Beauty

There is so much to be grateful for in Camp Florida, and the natural beauty that surrounds us is one of the best things we have to appreciate!

A Great Horned Owl at sunset, our Bald Eagle pair rebuilding their nest, and Camp Florida from a boat on Grassy Lake.

One evening by the lake… A female Wood Duck with her 5 ducklings were maneuvering through the waves created by the wind of an approaching storm while the remaining rays of the sun were reflected on the east side of the lake and clouds moved in. Click the small photos to view them in a larger size.

Our resident bobcat in the “light of day” – Photo courtesy of Jim Holmes!
This amazing photo taken by Jeff Furash just has to take center stage today! He captured the incredible beauty of Liberty (the female Bald Eagle) in flight over the lake. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff!

Here are some beautiful sunset photos taken on Grassy Lake by Dave Shoemaker!

Another beautiful sunset photo–this one taken at the gate by Jeanine Bieber Keenan.

There is beauty in Camp Florida everywhere you look–up, down and all around!