Critter Newsletter

The Critter is a newsletter chock-full of information of interest to Camp Florida property owners, seasonal residents, and renters. If you have information you want to have included in the Critter, please download and print the form below, then follow instructions on the form regarding how to make sure your request gets in the right hands. Paper copies are available upon request in the POA Office.

Critter Newsletter Request Form – This form is a fillable .pdf form that you can complete on your computer, save, and email to the Critter Editor, Rosie Boyle at

Printable Critter Request Form – This form can be printed and filled out by hand and dropped off at the POA Office in the Clubhouse. Printed forms are also available on the bulletin board outside of the POA Office for those who do not have access to a computer or printer or are unable to complete the fillable form.

Critter – April 2023

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Critter – April 2022

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