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Eagle News – Some Good, Some Not-so-good – And don’t forget the Owls!

For all of you who follow the Bald Eagles on the county property near us here in Camp Florida, I’ve got some rather sad news to share.

Both Eaglets Last Week

The smallest of the two eaglets was found on the ground by a county worker on Monday. He notified the Audubon Rehab Center in Maitland, and they came to get the bird. It is currently at the rehab center, suffering with parasites and anemia. A team came today to check the nest to see if it would be safe to re-nest the eaglet here. Unfortunately, they determined that the other eaglet is too large and already branching, getting close to fledging, and it would not be safe to bring the baby back. They are currently looking for a nest with one or two eaglets that are 6-7 weeks old where they may be able to re-nest our little one. The problem is, our eagles were pretty far behind other clutches. Many eaglets have already fledged, but there is hope that someone, one of the EagleWatch volunteers who monitor nests in South Florida, will be able to provide some hope. If they can’t find a suitable nest, they will keep our eaglet until it is ready to fly, so it will be well taken care of no matter what.

Only One in the Nest Now – Branching

The bottom line is…our eaglet will not be coming home. The good news is that our remaining eaglet is doing well. We will keep a close watch on it and alert Audubon if there is any indication of illness. I think I said earlier that I would only think of giving the new male a name if these two eaglets fledged successfully. Well, right now I think he will just remain “intruder.”

But, if you love the Great Horned Owls, here are some photos of the owlets and the male and female adults.

Photos from Our Neighbors

When we put together this site, we added a page for Camp Florida Beauty and hoped that we would get lots of photos of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Well, we have started to get some photos, and they are amazing! The only problem is, our website pages don’t notify our followers when there are new photos. So, we have created this blog, and we encourage everyone to follow it so they can be notified when we post new photos taken by our friends and neighbors.

Another exciting evening by Grassy Lake. The cats (or the owlets) are out of the bag (or the nest), so it’s time to post some photos of those two cute little babies! And, Mom and Dad Eagle flew in together to bring food and feed the eaglets. Then Dad went to take a dip in the lake as a Great Egret flew in. Always something to see by the lake.

These beautiful photos were taken by Tom Scott this morning. Looks like the Purple Martins are beginning to settle in. Gorgeous sunrise!

Aerial acrobatics by Ring-billed Gulls over Grassy Lake.

Just look at this sweet little Raccoon!

Our neighbors are busy taking photos! Today we have a photo of the Full Moon approaching Mars taken by Ralph Johnson on the evening of December 7th. Plus, more early morning photos from Tom Scott yesterday – Christmas Moon and holiday decorations.

Christmas is fast approaching, and last night it was time for the annual Grassy Lake boat parade. Some of our neighbors decorated their boats and joined in the fun. We got a couple of photos of one of those boats owned by Ralph and Alana Johnson.

More beautiful photos from Tom Scott–these ones taken during an early morning walk. Thank you for sharing, Tom!

These great photos are courtesy of Ralph Johnson who took them on the evening of October 15th.

These beautiful photos below were taken by Tom Scott, who graciously gave his permission for us to share them here!

Easter Lily Cactus photos courtesy of Sue Govelitz and Diane Sprague.

Firespike, or Firebush, is a wildflower native to Florida, and a favorite of Hummingbirds. Take care, though…as beautiful as they are, they are poisonous to dogs–so make sure your furry friends don’t eat any part of these beautiful shrubs. This photo was taken at the request of one of our neighbors!
Swallow-tailed Kite – photo courtesy of Jim Holmes
Our resident bobcat in the “light of day” – Photo courtesy of Jim Holmes

We have also received a new photo today that is of a different kind of Camp Florida beauty! It’s a photo of the group that showed up to play Pickleball this morning (January 27, 2022)! Dave Shoemaker says this is a great game growing in popularity with retirees!

Another beautiful photo from Jeff Furash–The full moon over the lake on the night of January 17!
Another great photo from Jeff Furash. This one was taken on January 13 when both he and one of the eagles watched the Spacex launch!
This amazing photo taken by Jeff Furash just has to take center stage today! He captured the incredible beauty of Liberty (the female Bald Eagle) in flight over the lake. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff!

Here are some beautiful sunset photos taken on Grassy Lake by Dave Shoemaker!

Another beautiful sunset photo–this one taken at the gate by Jeanine Bieber Keenan.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s a Rocket?

Evenings down by Grassy Lake can be very interesting and exciting. Monday was one such evening!

Of course, there were birds…

It’s a plane… The two small planes were refueling the large plane. Look closely and you can see the boom (if that is the correct term) hanging from the wing of the large plane.

It’s a rocket! A crowd gathered for the SpaceX launch, and it was visible for a while. Then it disappeared and left beautiful contrails in the evening sky.