Help Us Name Our Baby Eagles!

Poll closes February 14th – Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who have noticed (and those who have not), we have a nesting pair of Bald Eagles who live in the county property that adjoins the Camp Florida POA property. We have taken the big step of naming these two eagles Freedom (the male) and Liberty (the female).


This fall, Freedom and Liberty produced two tiny little eaglets, and we have watched them grow from the time we were first able to see their little heads above the rim of the nest.

Now, we would like to ask you to vote for names for these young Bald Eagles. We do not yet know if they are boys or girls (adult females are about 25% larger than adult males, but in the juvenile eagle world, the firstborn is usually the largest…).

All four Bald Eagles in the nest at one time – very rare!

Please select two of the options in the poll (link below) to let us know what your favorite names are for these two new additions to the family. The top two voted-on names will be the winners! Poll will close on February 14th (Valentines Day!).

Help us name our young Bald Eaglets poll!