Honoring Our Veterans and Remembering Our Residents

On Monday, February 21, at 10:00 a.m., a beautiful ceremony began at Camp Florida that honored our veterans and celebrated the lives of residents who have passed away since December 7, 2019 (the last ceremony held due to the pandemic). Those who were unable to attend can view the program flyer by clicking here. Photos are available here.

Rockie Kainz and Janel DesJardins co-chaired the committee that did the planning and ensured the program was a great success! They want to convey their appreciation for everyone’s hard work.


Our Veterans Honor Ceremony & Celebration of Life event was a success because of the many volunteers who stepped up to help. The Veterans portion of the event showed our pride and appreciation of our veterans (past & present) and our love for country.

 The Celebration of Life portion was moving and provided family & friends an opportunity to remember those who have passed on and who we hold dear.

Also, a very special Thank You to Dan Kinder and Lucy Anderson, our WWII veterans, for attending. Having them attend made it all extra special!

Following is a list of the folks that lent a hand, supported our effort and made this Camp Florida Resort event everything we hoped it would be.


  • Master of Ceremony: Marty Moreland (best MC ever! And for providing the sound system)
  • Color Guard: Buzz Howes, Bill Moeller, Wendell Wilkie, Ron Hazelton
    • (A special thank you to Buzz for all the time & effort he put in to make the Color Guard so impressive)  
  • Carrying their service flag:  US Army-Dick Ferando, US Air Force-Roy Stearns, US Marine Corps-Jack Sangalli, US Navy-Rich Young, US Coast Guard-Thom Kainz,
  • Canandian flag: Rob Hierlihy
  • Raising the flag: Butch Parsnow, Don Keeler
  • Folding the Flag: Rich O’Brien (reading), Chuck Kreuz, Earl DesJardins
  • Missing Man Table:  Hap Lettner, Tom Amburger
  • Setting up the Missing Man Table: Linda Amburger, Elaine Wirth  
  • Music & reading “The Greatest Generation”:  Tom Stansifer
  • Canadian anthem: Nancy Sheldrake
  • Stars for Veterans: Sereita Seamans
  • Hearts for Celebration of Life: Penny Hough
  • Making signs: Brenda Whitcome
  • Photographer: Carol Delynko
  • Program design & File transfer: Ellen Budish
  • Gathering information for Celebration of Life: Sue Reising, Sharon Howes, Janel DesJardins
  • Parking: Ron Goudy, Jim Bush, Tom Scott, Jim Morris, Bill Driscoll
  • Passing out Programs, Flag pins & Stars, Hearts:  Teresa Goudy, Pam Boothby, Marcia Bush, Deb Scott, Bonnie Morris, Karen Johnson, Mary Lou Wood, Anne Hierlihy
  • Blowing up balloons:  Lee & Sue Reising, Thom Kainz, Earl DesJardins
  • Taps:  Thom Kainz
  • Readers for Celebration of Life: Marty Moreland, Ellen Budish, Sharon Howes, Lynn Blakeslee, Sandy Bowers, Bob Platt
  • Chair set up: CFR maintenance crew: Carlos, Jesus, Victor & John Simms (park manager)
  • Buntings: Dianne Newberry, Cheryl O’Brien, Rosie Boyle
  • Monetary donation: Lee & Sue Reising, Mike & Jan Semans, Jim & Marcia Bush
  • Donation Of Medallions, Can Coolers, braclets for Vets past & present: Butch Parsnow
  • Coffee & donuts provided by Dean & Sherrie Cretsinger
  • Co-Chairs: Rockie Kainz, Janel DesJardins