Before You Kill a Snake!

There are many kinds of snakes in Florida, and most are non-venomous. In fact, only six snakes found in Florida are venomous, and none of them are harmful if you LEAVE THEM ALONE! If you see a snake, do not approach it. Instead, allow it to go on its merry way while you continue to do whatever it is you were doing. Snakes are not naturally aggressive, and a snake will avoid you if you don’t try to catch it or otherwise antagonize it.

Black Snake Eating a Rattlesnake

Recently, at least two snakes have been found to have been killed at Camp Florida. Neither one was venomous or harmful. In fact, both were beneficial snakes that help keep the rodent population under control. These black snakes actually will often go after and eat venomous snakes–so they are protecting you not only from unwanted rodents, but also unwanted poisonous snakes.

Do you really want rats, venomous snakes, and other nasty creatures in and around your home?

If you don’t know what kind of snake you see, there are several sources where you can find information about Florida’s snakes. Please check one of the sites listed below to try to identify what you see. You can also call John or Patti (our Park Manager and Assistant Park Manager). We have a wildlife rehabilitation professional in Camp Florida who can come, remove the snake, and relocate it safely. John or Patti can contact him for his assistance.

The Florida Museum at the University of Florida has tons of information and photos to help you identify snakes.

If you want more detailed information on Florida snakes, click here to open the brochure from Florida Fish and Wildlife.