September in Camp Florida #2

As Autumn arrives, so do friends–some old and some new. The temperatures start to drop (VERY slowly), and the weather threatens to cause chaos. And through it all, Camp Florida keeps providing enjoyment for all who are here.

Hurricanes are a part of living in Florida. Ian has us making preparations for possible storm damage, and our incredible management and maintenance team are making sure we are ready. (Thank you, John, Patti, Carlos, Jesus and Victor!) Neighbors are helping neighbors. Volunteers are pitching in. It’s the Camp Florida way! It’s great to know that we can get through times like this together! We are hoping for the best, but preparing for whatever may happen.

Nature continues to impress! Birds can be seen all over our little corner of the world, and wildflowers add beauty for our enjoyment. Don’t forget the insects (although most of us would like to forget the mosquitoes and fire ants that seem to increase in numbers at this time of the year)!

Bees can be seen “puddling” on the pool deck. They need water, just like we do, and they often stop by and gather up some of the water that drips from our bodies as we leave the pool. They gather water and take it back to their hive to provide for the worker bees there. Just be careful where you step! The bees will appreciate you!

As September begins to draw to a close, we can all be grateful for the wonders of Camp Florida–not just the amazing nature that surrounds us, but our amazing staff and neighbors! Stay safe, everyone! And, those of you who are still up North, please keep CF in your thoughts. We will see you soon!