Night Blooming Peruvian Apple Cactus

What did Marsha and Pete Grimm find when they cleared the brush behind their home? They found this cactus! It is very tall, but sturdy, even in the strong winds we’ve had lately. And it has these interesting things protruding from the sides. (Photos by Marsha Grimm.)

Imagine finding this incredible cactus…

And then, one evening they went outside and saw this!!! The blooms open at night and close during the day. And they are beautiful. Enjoy these photos taken over the course of a few nights. Truly incredible!

You might wonder what happens to these blooms. Well, they are pollinated by moths and bats, and once pollinated, they produce red apples that Red-bellied Woodpeckers just love! (Apparently, some people find these tasty, also, but we don’t know anyone who has tried them…). If they don’t get pollinated, the flowers simply die.