Pool Boys At Work!

Our Camp Florida Pool Service Technicians

Last week, Carlos and Jesus were changing and cleaning the pool filters. It is quite a task, and I think a little scary to be Carlos down in that pool filter hole!

First, the water needs to be removed from the filter hole. I was too late to get a shot of that… But, the vacuuming continues during the process to ensure that that water doesn’t creep in on Carlos. Once the water is removed, the old filters are taken out.

The 8-inch gutters are then removed and replaced.

Once the gutters are in place, more vacuuming is done to clean out the diatomaceous earth. This substance provides an effective filter that helps keep the pool clean.

The last step is to replace the old, dirty disks with new, clean, 10-inch round filter disks.

Once the new filter disks are in place on the rods, they are placed in the hole where they will begin to filter out the hazy water down there, and provide clean filtered water to the pool.

Our maintenance team is truly amazing! It seems there is nothing they cannot do! Please thank them when you see them! They help to keep Camp Florida clean, safe and special!