Thank You

To Camp Florida’s Yoga Stretch Class

You have continued to be such an inspiration to me as we have traveled our Yoga journey together.  Thank you for your undying commitment and support of this wonderful practice.  Thank you for your gifts, smiles and love.  Wishing you a blessed summer and looking forward to seeing you next season.

Namaste’, Diane 💕

To Camp Florida’s Chair Yoga Class

Just a quick blog to thank all of my chair yoga participants. Your generous gift to me while not necessary was very much appreciated. I thank all of you not only for the gift but for just being there and participating each week. I would do the yoga even without your participation but to have you join me makes each session so much better. Wishing each of you the best until next season.

Namaste’, Linda 💕



With the end of our 2022 season rapidly approaching, I’d like to take this opportunity to gratefully thank Rockie Kainz for her willingness to be the demonstrator for the Yoga Stretch class this year.  We could have never “gone live” without her help.  Also, thanks to Flo Day for taking care of all the Yoga props and signs.  And a special thanks, also, to all the class members who were so supportive of me and the practice of Yoga.  Without all of you, I wouldn’t have been able to improve as rapidly as I have.  Thank you all.

We will be having our last classes of the season through Thursday, March 31st.  Several of you have asked about a video to use over the summer months.  With Neil Landry’s expertise, it will happen. When completed it will appear on the Camp Florida website. Expectations are that it will be very soon. 

Again, many thanks to all our Yoga lovers.  Have a safe, healthy and fun summer.  I look forward to seeing you next season.  Namaste’, Diane


How quickly the time has gone for this season here in Camp Florida. Our time to gather together for chair yoga twice a week grows short. I am planning April 1 as the last chair yoga this season. 

Once again this year there have been many positive comments on the different benefits that people are receiving from chair yoga. I do chair yoga as it helps me feel better but the positive comments from so many inspire me to keep going. I applaud everyone that has participated this year as the class has been more challenging and I hope more beneficial.

The good news though is that another video is in the works to share during our time away from Camp Florida. Many have inquired as to the possibility of having another video. I hope that many of you will find it helpful. Currently the video from last year is now available on the Camp Florida web site. I personally thank Neil Landry for sharing his time and knowledge to get this done.

 I encourage you to use the video or perhaps find a class when you get home so that you may continue to benefit from the yoga. Just remember not to do anything that causes any pain. Also remember many yoga moves can be modified to accommodate limitations if you have problems doing a movement.  Anyone is welcome to contact me with email if you have questions.  (  I will be looking forward to seeing you next season.

Many thanks to my husband Gary for all his help with signs, mats, chairs and just being there. Also to Nancy Snyder for her help in getting chairs and mats ready and to all the participants who put everything away after class. You are the ones that make doing this class so easy. Namaste’, Linda

Camp Florida Yoga Classes

Yoga has become one of the fastest growing movement programs for seniors compared to other alternatives.  Here in Camp Florida, we offer two types of classes, Yoga Stretch offered Tuesday and Thursdays at 8:45 in the Clubhouse great room and Chair Yoga, described below.  Yoga Stretch offers participants the opportunity to improve balance, flexibility and strength while practicing a series of yoga poses beneficial for overall health.  We practice standing, sitting and various floor poses in a quiet, slow manner while focusing on our breathing.  In addition, each class ends with Shavasana, restful guided meditation.  No experience is necessary. Yoga props such as mats, straps and blankets are available to sign out while you are here, or you can bring your own. Join us and see how much better you will feel.

Chair Clipart

The chair yoga here at Camp Florida is very similar to what is done in other areas of the country for this fast growing movement. Twice a week, we gather together to enjoy this surprisingly good workout. However, even the term workout is overstating what we do as chair yoga is not very strenuous or even very difficult but instead it is a lot of stretching and deep breathing. It is not pretzel looking movements or tortuous positions. The results, though, are wonderful. We do use a chair a lot, sometimes sitting but also standing. The one thing we do not do is get down on the floor which is difficult for many of us. Our goal is to improve balance, movement, strength, stamina and enjoy some peaceful meditation. Even our minds benefit from yoga.

Chairs and mats are at class or bring your own mat. Class is 10:00 am on Tuesdays and Fridays.